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Blair Creed and the Blair Creed Law, LLC have helped clients in Bristol and Torrington, Connecticut address a wide range of legal matters, from civil rights cases to workers' compensation disputes.

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We have won millions of dollars for our; Workers Compensation clients, Personal Injury Clients. Also our civil rights clients, Both Employment Discrimination and Constitutional violations.

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  1. Strategic courtroom skill From minor cases to major ones, Blair Creed understands the ins and outs of litigation and the criminal justice system. His team will work hard to put you in a strong position to achieve the best possible outcome.
  2. Law enforcement background. With his background in law enforcement and the military, Blair Creed is uniquely qualified to help you win your Bristol or Torrington, CT police abuse case.
  3. Winning record. Blair Creed Law, LLC has helped clients triumph in countless cases in both state and federal court. You'll find no better advocate for your Bristol or Torrington workers' compensation or wrongful termination suit.